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The Joy and Sadness of another Rainy Day

The Joy and Sadness of another Rainy Day

The clouds look misty and dark, it looks like the rain's gonna fall today.

I must have been like seven years old, when Majek Fashek penned down that song, SEND DOWN THE RAIN, which became an international hit.

I once heard that he brought the rains pouring down during a concert. The sky was so blue that no one believed how the heaven opened up that very day.

Growing up in a mingy shanty apartment in the Slums of Ajegunle, it was a mixed feeling if nostalgia anytime it would rain.

For us kids, it was another opportunity to go bathing in our birthday suits in the cool rain.

But for some of my neighbours, it was a harrowing experience, as they had to do so much to avert a swimming pool in their rooms. It was always about leaking roofs and the need to salvage properties.

So, like always, they move up their beds, mattresses and use all sorts of stuff including Buckets and pans to keep the rains in. Then the mopping followed.

It was often worse when it'd rain in the late of the night as most of them would not bat an eyelid. It was usually devastating.

Alas! The break of dawn and the aftermath of the rains would stare at us in the face- torn roof, overflooded houses, jaw pillowed in hands, and then carpenters would have a field day mending roofs.

One thing struck me though, the issues were always the same most rainy seasons- the agonies continue.

So much so that I was told that the best time to look for an apartment is during the rainy season. That way you can be sure if you'd suffer the fate of leaking roofs, sinking foundations and the anguish of losing well-deserved sleep. Yes! all these because you will get to see all the warning signs.

As I sit here, listening to the drum of the rain on my window and the cool breeze accompanying it like a perfect orchestra, I wonder if there would be flash floods around or the ever-annoying traffic that may herald the day.

But hey! It's all good. Let me keep on reminiscing with the popular nursery Rhymes.


 __Rain, rain go away

Come again another Day

Big Justin wants to Play__

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